Brody Maag Hits

by Brody Maag Hits

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released May 19, 2012



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Brody Maag Hits Peoria, Illinois

Songs of awareness and complaint.

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Track Name: your heart is a drag
your heart is a drag
no way you could always be down
maybe lower just once
fades into level ground
your heart is a drag
you have had to pick it up to fall down
feel the retreat pulling you down
its not gravity that makes us all clowns
an end distraction takes hold of you
reoccurring reaction your heart is dragin through
your heart keeps dragin through
like a hoax at the end of the line
calmly laughing at you
thought this through
so you thought you thought this through
when your pulse stops your done falling
whats seen at last breath is calming
as the reflection leaps from your eyes
your eyes
Track Name: its a small world
right out all the wrongs that darken even tense
stand up to the shouts that beat down all the rest
reach out
severed are the hopes deep inside the best
the strongest have been overcome pushed down crushed and messed
reach out
its a small world to think when power rests revolution sinks
small fry unimportant pip squeak
nobody to stand nobody to want a fair shake

i wish i was far away to have had all i could take
far beyond the surface of reason to live i must face
clever is the man that can appear without trace
undermine counteract to do whatever it takes
its a small world to think that the person standing next to you
couldnt be the hero we need.
could be a bother a sister or a teacher a stranger or your neighbor
its a small world
i wish i was far away to have had all i could take
far beyond the surface of reason to live i must face
its a small world
Track Name: just a whisper
just a whisper you whisper to me
just a whisper i whisper too
looking back it all seems so far away
retrace backup change
to shy to capture the rustle
the true range your motion goes through
what once led to tears has turned
into a leery step into
just a whisper...
twisting and turning the ideas fight to escape
the shouts build up in your mind
one day they will kick their way out
one day you will have to bite you tongue...but first
one step at a time surprised at all youve become
from a whisper she whispered to me
just a whisper that i whispered too
Track Name: bored bloody diseased
run wild run free
feels right never beaten
take off ease to speed
run wild run wild run free
take your life dont wait and see
make no time for fantasy
dont doubt you mind
look what its done to them
stay ahead of any scene
they chain your life down to its knees
bored bloody diseased
might catch your eye stares just scream
look what this has done to me
walk tall down the street
reach out for your needs
pass up others in disbelief
walk tall walk tall down the street
take your life dont wait.......
run wild run free
feels right never beaten
take off ease to speed
run wild run wild run free
Track Name: come back to me
i dont wanna see you run away from me
i dont wanna see you run
i dont wanna see you crawl
its no good pushin my heart to stone
i dont mind bein so all alone ...until your gone
i feel so far away right here
when your gone out from my arms
you fight like you need no one
or my helping hand
you fight like you need no one no helping hand
i hope that when your gone you see
a real light ...the real life
no hope, no comfort, no sleep
Track Name: country plague
rearrange the time swift comes to mind
with the true bravado your currency cannot buy
sway to the rhythm in the air
spinning understatements escort complaint
the world pays no attention to its games
might exchange a glance
nod or a polite embrace
but lost in human thought distracts each case
hunger seems designed to stab at all tastes
over priced and bored in line love and hate
but often times trend reacts without taste
lost in human thought plagues the human race
glance to rest in some soil now past loves embrace
trapped in the memory of a child that can see the disgrace
wild in the night so young so mad at time and place
lost to the evils in life doesn't make a man want to stay
lost in human thought distracts each case
lost in human thought plagues the human race
Track Name: humming blur - bow to me
-humming blur-
through the trees down the streets
past the windows with the breeze
the humming blur the buzzing bees
the same path each summer
the same route of disease
leaves rustle in wonder
at the warm summer breeze
children laugh out sound so distant
a distance unseen
the humming blur the rustling leaves
warm summer breeze
just a warm summer breeze

-bow to me-
i am the trance that holds you patient
the while that blinds not waiting
no chance to shake free
drugs only bury me deeper
total control of your vision
strings pull minds decision
spread your arms out and fly to me
twist and turn your senses bow to me
Track Name: the beast inside of me
-the beast inside of me-
surreal touch of paradise
real nice i do not need it
engrave en grown parasite
grown into the tv set ..climb the walls
measured to stretch
popped pills never carry beyond the instance
little demon underbelly
ties chance to unknown circumstance
but doubt swells beyond the difference
between a chip on the shoulder and a pat in the back
there is no way... could just be no way
there could be any love in the distance
enough to fill any wishes way
rage devours forgiveness
enraged minds bout blind deceived
this fury roots its existence deep inside of me
deep inside of me
the beast inside of me
Track Name: the end is coming
wild rides entrance with a energy
upside down takes all the truth from me
grip the rail flip my stomach
turn in awe at the consequence
inside outside to wild a memory
need bright light to read in peace
warnings douse the fear that feeds the mayhem
ride around the isle at the edge of the water
consume the land inch by inch
the end is coming can you feel the end
wooden vessel sink or float
stitch with needle catch the wind take it all
what i take with me just might be inside
oh what a thrill to be alive
each day took its time
no chance for lookin back
time wont sit still but you might
tame the chance to be swallowed up hole
by the livin ripe
rifle through the end up in the wash
oh what a thrill to be alive
Track Name: one sense at a time
too hot to feel the sun burn up my mind
dont hear your call
can only take one sense at a time
its torture to need to breath your path
dazed crazed my eyes start to follow you
its all i can do
understand your mine i see you fine
loose taste of your sent
if i reach out to touch my eyes dont seem to fit
feel you in my grasp
all other feelings echos in the past
too hot to feel the sun burn up my mind
dont hear your call
can only take one sense at a time
your pulse is the rhythm flowing through my hand
pounding rhythm that follows you
never let loose
this purring drone vibrates my bones
dumbed down silent your protest
distress shakes me swear it wouldnt last
dizzy spellbound to your chant
all other voices just echo
dust in the past
Track Name: free speech hurts
keep your opinion in you car i know its hard
keep your ideas off your shirt take concern
cause free speech hurts
its gonna hurt you if i dont hurt you
so take concern free speech hurts
abort christian children but not by choice
ignore family values they all end in divorce
gay men can not marry must live in clergy seclusion
molesting innocence that could have been aborted
saved from any delusion
doubled up on the floor prayin fix this solution
read my shirt free speech hurts
and this noise aint the real pollution
comes from everything around me
my my what a fucked up amusement
headlines keep us from the issues
that stop all movement
those headlines misread from bibles in a basement
while i made a t-shirt in to rival your basement
it read fuck your church
free speech hurts
Track Name: amigo
i stand the street im home for a long time
pushin cars hummin sweet serenades
lost into many a sunset followed by the evening sunrise
but amigo
sound so far away distant dear honest true
never say the same thing twice
innocent yet so far away
reached out for time not to stop
found that peace droning drama
right at first boast with fm stereo
but amigo
grew old grew wise got bored as you waste my time
the only thing i miss are the cars & the streets
thats my problem that i left them behind
but you i did not need
Track Name: far away
to be still lets be still
i will never really do it
forever growing never knowing how it feels
lost with you in such a perfect daze
feel like a mist that sparkles in plain view
trails behind the path i go with you
i wanna go far away with you
stand in hand steps with a perfect fit
move like a dream never seem to wake from it
never need to wake from it
ours is true dreams through day and night
past times firm grip
we break out of this world
into the stars we saw at first kiss
i wanna go far away with you